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Rise-Up One United Voice is a ministry to Florida Intercessors that promotes UNITY through intercessors supporting intercessors.  Rise-Up provides regular unity gatherings, prayer, and ministry covering intercessor trainings, pastoral care, and connections for the intercessors of Florida.  "No intercessor alone, no intercessor left behind and no intercessor down".


Intercession City Lives Again, is God's city, which He built through intercessors between 1934 and 1947.  Once a total Christian city, with 24/7 Prayer, located in the center of Florida, came to unfortunate demise due to infighting and division in 1947.  Wesley's father was one of the pioneer builders of God's city.  In 2017 Wesley received the call to continue the vision of God, for Intercession City to live again.  We have been working towards that ever since.  God said, He wants His intercessors to come and take ownership of His city and from there revival and awakening will go out around the world.

Tabernacle of God's Presence - Birthed Jan. 2020.  Is the direction of Father to build a Life-size Tabernacle for His Presence to dwell in His City.  Not just for viewing but to experience the Presence of God from the entrance to salvation at the Ark of the Covenant.  The Fire of God's Presence shall be seen near and far.  We are believing God for the five acres once owned by Wesley's father in Intercession City to build: the Tabernacle of God's Presence, Intercession City Template House of Prayer 24/7, and God's Embassy for Intercessors.

Florida Generals of Chayil - Birthed Sept 2020.  In obedience to the word of the Lord is the bringing together of Florida intercessor leaders.  Those that lead or influence other intercessors.  Also, special ops, which are those with specific anointing in His Kingdom.  Father's word unto me was, "it is time to bring the Generals together so He can build a Unified Front around Florida."  Prepare for the future of Florida. For as Florida goes, so goes the nation.

Intercession City Temple House of Prayer - Every Wednesday maintaining the Presence of God in His City. Community Outreach providing Prayer and Ministry, along Hot Meals to Homeless, Recovering Addicts and all desiring to join.

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