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Promise to Progress

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Rise-Up One United Voice, is an Intercessors Ministry of Intercessors Supporting Intercessors in Prayer and otherwise as the Father directs.

The Intercessor Rise Up to answer the Call to stand in the gap and remain on the wall carrying One Unified Voice. Intercessors RISE UP in One United Voice and Support one another through immediate communication to provide and receive an avenue for Florida Intercessors to place Unified Support and Prayer from their fellow laborers across the state. God said, my Intercessors should never feel alone again, never alone again, never alone.


The Happy Weavers

"Always Here"

Wesley and Arabella,  through  Divine orchestration, were married and ordained in  Intercession City, Florida. 

Between the two they carry over 40 years of dedication to the Word of  God and  Intercession.  Wesley representing the  Land  (Isaiah 62)  and Arabella representing Unity (John 17) were joined together on September 25, 2017,  to fulfill the Plan of God for Intercession City and the end-time harvest.

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