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Rise-Up One United Voice is Excited to Invite you to the Dedication and Celebration of the INTERCESSION CITY TEMPLE HOUSE OF PRAYER.

We had our first gathering, Wed., February 10, 2021, and on Wed., March 31, 2021, God said, "Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All".

God has privileged us to Establish and Dedicate Intercession City House of Prayer on the week of Feast of Tabernacles. It's been 70 years since a House of Prayer has been in God's City.

Intercession City was founded by Bishop Osie England in 1934 on the Prayers of Intercessors. There were three Prayer Cabins and One Large House of Prayer. They Interceded 24/7 for thirteen years for worldwide revival.

God has said He wants His City to Live Again. He wants His Intercessors to come back to His City and take ownership. Intercession City is just the beginning and we Welcome your presence.



Once Again a House of Prayer is back in the City of Prayer, Intercession City. Please join us in the Dedication and Celebration of the Intercession City Temple House of Prayer. Intercessors


Come take ownership of the City built by Intercessors. It's your Inheritance.

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