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The word of the Lord came, "I call you Apostles, I call you Spiritual Parents with a heart to love My children, to preach sound doctrine, to give God-ly guidance, to raise up true disciples and Warriors in My Kingdom".


It is based on the word of God from:

2 Kings 2:1-9 "The loyal son positions himself to receive the Double Portion".

Ruth 3:4 "The Wisdom of the older advises the future of the younger".

Malachi 4:6 "The Hearts of the Fathers and the Hearts of the Children".

Luke 1:41 "Elizabeth and Mary - The Older recognizes and pronounces the Kingdom in the Younger".

1 Timothy 4:14 / Titus 2 "Elders are to Shepherd and release a Legacy of Sound Doctrine.


Family Evening Gatherings will be every Monday by Zoom

These gatherings include:

Personal Prayer

Individual and Couples Counseling

Prophetic Revelation

Pastoral Support

Ministry Alignment and Instruction

Healing and Deliverance

Building Kingdom Warriors

Apostolic Impartation

Monday evening lessons

Guest Speakers

Financial Training

4 In-person Family Gatherings per year

10 months or Lifetime Spiritual Parents

Weekly Gathering on Zoom

and so much more...

STARTS - MONDAY, MARCH 4, 2024 @ 7pm

Registrations are Limited to 40

For More Information: message at Aba-Ema Spiritual Parenting Family, email:, text (772)214-7581 or (352) 514-9693.

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